Choose Your Weapon!

Love how the Line 6 Variax sounds but hate the look & feel? Play your favorite guitar instead with RackVax.



  1. Rackmount Virtual Axe.
  2. An awesome piece of rackmount guitar equipment which makes your guitar sound like an entire collection of guitars.
  3. A rackmount digital guitar modeling processor based on and powered by the Line 6 Variax.

Axe or (US) ax [aks]


  1. An instrument with a bladed head on a handle or helve, used for hewing, cleaving, chopping, etc. and formerly used as a weapon of war.
  2. Jazz Slang . any musical instrument.
  3. The ax, Informal.
  1. dismissal from employment: to get the ax.
  2. expulsion from school.
  3. rejection by a lover, friend, etc.: His girlfriend gave him the ax. d.
  4. any usually summary removal or curtailment.

Word Origin & History

O.E. æces  (Northumbrian acas ), later æx,  from P.Gmc. *akusjo  (cf. O.S. accus,  O.N. ex,  O.Fris. axe,  Ger. Axt,  Goth. aqizi ), from PIE *agw(e)si-  (cf. Gk. axine , L. ascia ). Meaning "musical instrument" is 1955, originally jazz slang for the saxophone; rock slang for "guitar" dates to 1967. The ax  in fig. sense of cutting of anything (expenses, workers, etc.), especially as a cost-saving measure, is from 1922, probably from the notion of the headman's literal axe (itself attested from mid-15c.). To have an axe to grind  is from an 1815 essay by U.S. newspaper editor Charles Miner (17801865) in which a man flatters a boy and gets him to do the chore of axe-grinding for him, then leaves without offering thanks or recompense. Misattributed to Benjamin Franklin in Weekley, OED print edition, and many other sources.

Rackmount [rakmount]


  1. Equipment designed to meet EIA specifications for 19-inch equipment rack mounting.
  2. The term rackmount is used to describe electronic equipment and devices designed to fit industry-standard-sized computer and musical equipment racks and cabinets (19" wide). Rackmount devices are standardized to heights in multiples of 1.75 inches. Rack spaces are measured in U.