Introducing RackVax

RackVax PerspectiveNow your favorite guitar can sound like an entire collection of guitars, both live and in the studio.

Line 6's Variax guitar, with its collection of 25 unique instruments in one, is without a doubt one of the most amazing advances in guitar technology since the electric guitar itself was invented. But there was always one problem: you can get the great sounds of all those instruments, but isn't the feel of the instrument you are playing just as important?

In the past, enthusiasts have attempted to solve this problem by creating Variax transplants—guitars which have been extensively modified to make room for the Variax electronics by drilling and routing. But who except the bravest among you is willing to do this to their favorite, best-quality, best-playing, best-looking, or most expensive guitar?

With RackVax, you can take your favorite guitar of virtually any brand or model and, without any permanent modifications, access all of the instruments and guitar tones within the Variax. RackVax is a rackmount device with all the familiar controls and I/O you're used to from the Variax line of guitars, but with the addition of five new jacks: GK IN, GK THRU, MIDI IN, MIDI OUT and POWER.

Simply put, RackVax is to the guitar what the Line 6 POD was to the guitar amplifier. Available at your fingertips—or under your feet—is a collection of over 25 unique, digitally-modeled instruments straight from the Variax. It all comes packaged inside of a convenient 19" x 6", 1-space rackmount box, perfect for the stage or recording studio.

For the first time, you can have the tonal flexibility and revolutionary capabilities of the the Variax from any guitar, with absolutely none of the drawbacks. Gone are the days of expensive and labor-intensive Variax transplants. Enter a new world where any guitar you hold in your hands can evoke any tone from vintage to modern, acoustic to electric, and familiar to exotic.

RackVax is a stand-alone, GK-compatible guitar modeling processor in a box. Plug in your guitar and any industry standard, GK-compatible hexaphonic / divided pickup to the 13-pin jack located on the back of the RackVax, then run a standard guitar cable from the RackVax to the rest of your gear and you're on your way to tonal nirvana. Suddenly, a whole new range of tones become available, and yet the same comfortable feel you've grown accustomed to greets you as you play.

All that power would be useless if you couldn't control it. Fortunately, controlling RackVax is easy. On the front panel are controls such as volume, tone, model and pickup select. On the rear panel, MIDI jacks provide for easy integration with MIDI controller pedals for controlling the RackVax during live performance. And within arm's reach, the standard set of GK controls on any GK-equipped guitar allow even more complete control over the Variax.

If you were intrigued by the technology of the Variax but put off by the quality and physical feel of the instrument, RackVax is for you. Play the guitar you really want to play, then choose the guitar you want to hear. Put away the woodworking tools and soldering irons and get back to doing what you love—playing music!


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